Sunday, July 23, 2006

One liners... well maybe two liners.

There have been some other interesting stories floating around that I haven't written much about, so I thought I'd just pass along a few briefs.

Israel - The Israelis and the Arabs still don't like each other. *

New York City - Three cops shot each other trying to kill a lose pit bull. (Guess which paper this was in?)

Paris - Someone other than Lance Armstrong wins the Tour De France, but it is another American so the French will still sniff at us with a whiff of distain.

Washington, D.C. - The American Bar Association acuses the President Bush of overreaching in his use of 'Signing Statements' to exempt the executive branch from legislative provisions that might limit the power of the President. The President responds, "Who? Me? She-it!"

Pittsburgh - Only 23 days until the Steelers report for training camp. Hopefully by then Big Ben's jaw will have fused back into one piece.

Mexico City - Some idiot paid $225,000 for a bottle of Tequila. For that kind of money I expect to be drunk for months.

As always...more later.

(*I know this has been a big story the past few weeks, but what can you say about this conflict that hasn't been said in every other Israeli conflict over the past sixty years?)


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