Saturday, June 24, 2006

Thank God I don't Have a TV

Well, they've started it. More than four months before this year's U.S. Senate election in November at least one of the candidates has begun running campaign ads on TV. So now, instead of the regular ebb and flow of some crappy local news about a house fire followed by a soap powder that is going to make your life more fulfilling followed by Regis and whatever blond foil he has this year followed by impotence drugs warning of side effects that may include a four hour erection.... .You were wondering how TV was going to get any better, huh? Oh yes folks! Campaign Ads!

Thank God I don't have a TV in the house.

Come to think of it, this is precisely why I don't have a TV in the house.

Kicking off the campaign with an appearance in Pittsburgh, Little Ricky came out with an add stating his position on an issue of vital importance to folks in the Iron City: immigration. I'd have to question the brilliance of this choice. The city is still losing population and immigration here seems to be limited to non-native graduate students attending Pitt and CMU, many of whom leave town when they graduate anyway.

Anyway, this all led to dueling press appearances and news coverage of course, sparring about who's tougher on illegal immigrants and how we should handle them, or in Ricky's case, deport them.

I suppose it might be a greater issue in Philly, but then, why torture us here with it? At least have the courtesy to pitch an issue relevant to us here in Western PA.


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