Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Just Desserts in Alabama

Former Alabama chief justice Roy Moore lost the GOP primary for Governor yesterday. Moore was in the news over the past year or so as the fellow who had a three ton granite carving of the Ten Commandments installed in the lobby of the Alabama Supreme court. He then defied a federal court order to remove the statue on the grounds that the Ten Commandments superceded any laws of man. He was finally removed from his position as Chief Justice because by that point he had broken the law he was sworn to uphold by defying the court order. He made a big deal about being sacrificed on the alter of secularism and all that.

He's kind of crazy.

Anyway, he ran in the GOP gubernatorial primary on biblical platform and lost to the sitting governor. I don't know anything about the guy he lost to, but from the few articles I did read, it seems that people in Alabama just found Moore to be sort of embarrassing. They felt he was reinforcing the state's image as a backwards Klan filled redneck paradise. Go figure.

On the other hand, Alabama did pass a 'defense of marriage' referendum, so I guess the Moore thing wasn't really a sign of any creeping progressivism.


Blogger dantelavelli said...

Just "Deserts" is sort of Freudian. Suggests that you think Alabama is barren, dry area where it is hard to grow things now that Roy Moore has been defeated. Just "Desserts" may have been what you meant

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