Sunday, July 16, 2006

Jesus Winks in Hoboken

There is a statue of Jesus outside a housing project in Hoboken. After rescuing the statue out of a garbage dumpster last summer Julio Dones, who is partially blind, claims that it opened one eye.... not both....just one eye, in effect winking at him.

The faithful flocked to see it; the lumpen mass of the populace seeking grace through a two foot tall plaster icon. It was the real thing; a genuine sign from God right there in Hoboken for the whole world to see. People fell to their knees and wept. There was rapture.

Maybe he was winking at them to let them in on a joke or something.

The Catholic Church issued a denial. A small shrine sprouted anyway.

A few years ago a similar situation arose when an elderly lady in Brooklyn claimed to see the face of Jesus in the smudge on the wall behind the Frigidaire. The local TV news covered the story.

These things happen now and again.


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