Saturday, May 13, 2006

Meanwhile, Pittsburgh Studies Itself

A friend of this esteemed literary institution sent along an article from yesterday's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about yet another major study on how to transition Pittsburgh from an old industrial economy to a new high-tech one. These studies are bloody expensive and there have been five or six of them completed in the past five years.

For me, the two killer lines in the article are "This time its going to be different" and "Pittsburgh isn't over studied. I think we are under-implemented". And they're paying this guy right? This thing cost $425,000!!!!!!

At any rate, the suggestion has come up that we should do an additional study to determine what effect anything implemented from all of these studies has had on regional redevelopment. Yes folks, a study to study the studies. While we're at it, we are going to need a committee to monitor the progress of the study to study the studies. We love committees here in Pittsburgh. This way we will know whether our money has been well spent.

And then, this time it will be different.

I love this town.


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