Sunday, September 24, 2006

We almost made it to the Blue Note

We had reservations to go to the Blue Note down in the Village. For any number of reasons, mostly transportation related, we didn't make it. We were, after all, staying in Secaucus.

There was a silver lining to this little setback though. The night we got to town we wound up wandering around the Times Square area where we ran into these guys. They called themselves Hypnotic. I'm not sure about the name, but they were a really tight band. Funk infused big band jazz, for lack of a better classification. They were really swingin' too. They were using a tuba for their bottom instead of an electric or upright bass which is very unusual these days, and they did it very well. They hail from Chicago and are currently living in Queens. We hung out and listened to them for over an hour, bought a couple of CDs and felt as though we'd gotten to see something very cool. The bonus was that it was way cheaper than the $90 plus drinks we would have dropped downtown. It was one of those lemons and lemonade things.


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