Saturday, January 27, 2007

The End of the Objector

Yes folks, it is sad but true. This is the official end of the Objector. I see looking back that I wrote 108 posts over the past year or so – which seems like a lot - but I haven't written anything since the election in November, and quite honestly, I just haven't felt like it.

Although I am political - you might have noticed that I'm not a fan of President Bush - it is hard to keep grousing about one subject endlessly. I don't know how people do it for a living. I once wrote and article that was published in the Op-Ed section of the Post-Gazette. It was with no small amount of pride that I was able to call my significantly more conservative father and say, "Hey dad! I shared a page of the newspaper with Maureen Dowd. Just me and Mo all alone on a page of the Post." I don't know how people like Maureen Dowd do it year after year, although I'm sure the hefty paycheck helps with motivation.

I’m so sick of politics that I didn't even listen to the State of the Union speech last week. It wasn't going to change my mind or anything. Although, I have to confess that I did take some satisfaction in noting that Bush's poll numbers actually went down to a 30% approval rating following the speech and that 59% of Americans wished that his presidency would just end now instead of in two years. That's harsh. :-)

At any rate, I was tired of thinking about war and political cynicism and all of that. I just felt like was beating a dead horse.

Now, I know that not everything that I wrote for the Objector was political. There were forays into Western Pennsylvania roots culture – which apparently involves Jesus, beer, cigarettes, camouflage, lots of beer, gambling, hunting, at least four marriages (possibly at the same time), pork rinds, cigarettes, Jesus, pickup trucks, beer, Football, Jesus, beer and…(*whew*)… beer, Jesus and some cigarettes. There was an occasional crystal-meth driven bank robbery spree to report, and there is also a game called ‘Name the Father’ but I could never keep that stuff straight.

After all, you can try to live on beer, Jesus, cigarettes and crystal-meth, but that too gets old after a while.

And so that’s it. I've actually been thinking about doing some other blogging, but if I do I will try to keep it out of the political gutter. And who knows: there is a Presidential election coming up in 2008 and the world may yet need the Unconscionable Objector to set the record straight.

Adios folks.


Anonymous l.smith said...

so you stop and Molly Ivins dies. you bastard!

7:57 PM  

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