Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Brief Welcome

So, this would be a new thing for me. Anonymously posting random thoughts on the web in the unlikely event that anyone cares to read what I have to say. Me or anyone else for that matter. Well, what else is there to do at 5:30 AM?

Anyone ever wants to bitch, feel free at:

The name, 'Unconscionable' should not suggest - if I bother to keep writing on this - that I am going to be moralizing or holier than anyone. It's a word that I've floated around since college when I got in an editorial battle with some yo-yo about the relative merits of Nazis in America. I'll say up front that at the time I wasn't able to find anything meritous about them. I wrote that I found his position to be .... you guessed it.... Unconscionable. For some reason, my friends, who were a pretty literate bunch (and typically drunk), found the use of this word humorous and it has just sort of hung around as a thing ever since. I've been out of school for 14 years now. They should just let it go.

Besides this guy really was a fruitball. Most people, when they're nineteen, are just trying to get laid. This fellow's big concern was, and this is really what he told me, "G...when communists take over, people die!" Of course it was a real issue at the time, because following the fall of communism in Eastern Europe there was real concern that those dastardly pinkos were considering an invasion of West Virginia. Apparently it was the best the KGB could come up with as a face saving measure.

The 'Objector' part? Well, there's an awful lot to object to out there, no? Besides, I thought it sort of rolled of the tongue.

Well, that's enough for now. Adios Comrades!


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